teacup Chiweenie puppies

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Teacup Chiweenie puppies are the smallest of all dogs by far the most beautiful looking dog breed, weighing around 3 pounds and a total of 6 inches in length. Its head is much more like a deer’s head. They also grow long hair and long hair on teacup Chiweenie puppies look good.


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Chiweenies, also known as German taco, Choxie, or Mexican hotdog, Dachshunds and Chihuahuas mutts. There is no reliable evidence of where breeding was done and how this dog gained public attention, but according to some online resources, the breed was developed in North America in the early 1990’s.

When we talk about the Chiweenies, it is important to look at the brief history of their ancestors who bred the Chihuahuas and Dachshunds.

Beginning with the Chihuahuas, their history dates back to 3,000 years back in Egypt under Pharaoh. It was not until the 1500’s that the genus began to emerge in the modern world. However, because of wars and migrations, the species disappeared for a time and was later found in the Chihuahua area of ​​Mexico — where the species got its name. This breed was recognized by the AKC in 1908 and is now listed as the 33rd most popular dog.

Continuing in the history of the Dachshunds, this species existed before the 16th century when it was used to hunt wild animals. Because of their long backbone and abdomen near the ground, these dogs were able to follow the animals into their burrows and bring them to their owners. The Dachshunds gained recognition from the AKC in 1885 and were given the 12th most popular dog place.


The Chiweenies are loving, caring, enthusiastic and playful, want to play regularly with their owners, and are dedicated to family and home. Being an extremely cautious dog, it can keep an eye on everything that happens around it. For this simple reason, it also makes an excellent watchdog and can give a series of barks to any stranger or anyone approaching the house. So, they are noisy. They may not be able to fit in with young children, as they will not tolerate loud noises and activities. They also cannot resist other pets or animals or dogs. However, if they were raised with other pets from their puppy days, they would agree with them. At times, they are also known to be less stubborn.


Teacup Chiweenie is a small change of the Chiweenie very small in size. A mixture of the Chiweenie-terrier, the Chiweenie-pomeranian mix, and the long-haired weenie are the most popular varieties of these dogs, however, the ‘blue Chiweenie’ is rare.


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Chiweenies burn a lot of energy in jobs. Still, for them to be exhausted, the daily journey is well worth it. A solid gaming session can work effectively to keep you fit. However, because of their size, they only need a lot of space for running or playing. Just enough space inside the apartment can also work. They enjoy being with their owners or family during playtime.


Both baby and adult quails need very little food, and they are able to control their eating habits. Some diners follow a diet of your choice, while others eat it all. Feeding canned food twice a day should be sufficient for these dogs.


The decline in the mix of two types of species, their need for grooming depends on the thickness of the hair on their coats and the amount of shedding.

As for the Dachshunds that come with short, cordless, and long coats, and the Chihuahuas that come with smooth or long coats, the Chiweenies can have any of these.

According to AKC research, Chihuahuas are non-hypoallergenic dogs. In contrast, dachshunds are medium-sized shredders, although they are not completely hypoallergenic. As a result, the Chiweenies spend less.

Therefore, they should be combed with dog hair removal gloves or rubber curry brushes regularly to keep their coats smooth and free of dander.

Chiweenie puppies do not need to bathe every week as they do not do things that make them sweat. But they like to dig in the mud, as it is their natural instinct. If that happens, put them under the shower and remove the dust and mud particles from the bottom.


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Stubborn by nature, it can be difficult and time consuming to train queens. However, being a genius, they can take training easily, if they are constantly taught, and the owner or trainer is experienced, loving, and patient. Training sessions should be short and should be accompanied by compliments and management. Being a playful dog, which includes playful training sessions may work best for them.

Why Do Breeders Blend Dachshunds and Chihuahua?

Therefore, the real question is: Why do farmers differentiate between the two?

There are 197 breeds of dogs of various sizes and conditions recognized by the AKC. Why bring another type?

The Chihuahua is a very small, beautiful, devilish and angry dog ​​breed, and the Dachshunds are a world dog clown, always fun and lovable. So, the farmers mixed the dog to make the Chihuahuas happy.

Another reason is that farmers were aiming to have smaller dachshunds, since they are naturally middle-class dogs.

3. Why Do People Like Chiweenie puppies?

Dog owners love puppies for Chiweenies for many reasons, for example:

a. They Have Less Needs to Fix

Although these puppies sleep often, grooming is a piece of cake because of its size. It will only take you about 10 minutes to wash their coat, wash them, and clean their nails, eyes and ears. In addition, they do not absorb sweat, so they do not need to wash regularly. For a busy dog ​​parent, keeping a dog with minimal grooming needs is not only easy but also fun.

b. Few Requirements for Exercise

Small size, low power levels.

So if you are a busy person, you do not have to worry about taking them out for an hour or two. Just get them out to let them do their business, and there, you have met their fitness needs.

Kill two birds with one stone.

c. Cheap

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Although the Chiweenie puppy costs about $ 300 to $ 400, we are not talking about its purchase costs here. Instead, we discuss the cost of their maintenance.

Because of its small size, Chiweeni puppies need less food and other dog products than larger dogs, such as the Great Danes or German Shepherds.

d. They can live in an apartment

In today’s busy world, some dog owners may think about whether a dog can stay indoors or not. Most of us stay indoors or spend our time in our rooms, so we look for a dog that can stay with us, giving us cuddles and snuggles.

The Chiweenies can offer you all that.

This is one of the main reasons why there are so many types of tea.

e. They Live Long

Judging by the statistics, small dogs live longer than large dogs. Probably, it is because toy dogs spend most of their time indoors and are not prone to physical injuries and external pollution that protects them from outside and inside insects.

Consider: The Great Dane, one of the largest dogs in the world, lives up to 8 to 10 years, while the Chihuahuas live 12 to 20 years.

Chiweenies live for up to 12 to 15 years, and if properly cared for, they can live much longer. Which means their friendship lasts a long time.

f. They are not prone to Minor Injuries

As young dogs spend most of their time indoors, they are less likely to get injured or break bicycles or rocks on the road.

In addition, those living inside, are away from the harshness of the weather, dust, mildew, foxtails, etc., which can give them skin dermatitis, seborrhea, infections, etc.

g. Ideal for Beginner Owners

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Typically, large dogs weigh 60 to 200 pounds [60 to 90 kg], medium-sized dogs 18 to 25 pounds [2 to 25 kg], small dogs weighing from 2 to 4 kg, and Chiweenies weigh 2 to 3 kg. It is easy to pick them up and hold them in your lap.

Novice owners may not be able to manage large dogs or provide for their needs. Additionally, those dogs have temper tantrums and take time to get used to their new owners. Therefore, unless a parent has received some training, it will be difficult for them to manage dogs without small dogs or tea.

Chiweenies are lovely, and novice owners will find them easy to handle.

Why are Chiweenie puppies so popular? They are loving, fun, toy size, and funny; they live longer, have lower exercise requirements, and may live indoors or in cottages.

Interesting Facts

Tuna, the chiweenie, became famous on Instagram for its unique and unusual appearance and had a few thousand followers in a short period of time, and now its owner has a website selling products related to this dog.

Most highlanders are not as tall as the Dachshund and are as weak and small as the Chihuahua.

How much is a teacup Chiweenie?

You can find healthy and active Chiweenie puppies for somewhere around 400$ to 4000$ from online websites.

Are there teacup Chiweenies?

Teacup Chiweenie is a breed that comes from teacup Chiweenie crossing with normal size Dachshund. Their puppies weighed around 3 pounds and were a total of 6 inches in length.

How much is a pure Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are a beautiful and popular dog breed and you can find it for around $800 from any breeder easily. For example, a pure teacup Chihuahua usually costs between $380 – $2450 and you can find it easily. 

What is the lifespan of a Chiweenie?

The average lifespan of a Chiweenie dog is between 11 – 15 years. Usually mixed breed dogs live more than purebred dogs because they have fewer health issues than purebred dogs.

Are Chiweenie dogs smart?

Chiweenie dogs are very smart and intelligent because of their sovereignty attitude. They are hard to train, especially when their owner doesn’t know how to exercise them.

Why is my Chiweenie so aggressive?

Chiweenie may react over aggressive just because of their small body they are just trying to protect themselves.It is a psychological fact that the smaller dogs show  themselves bigger and more aggressive than they actually are.

Do Chihuahuas pick one person?

Chihuahuas are known for their gravitate towards one person and denying new ones that may be because of the nature and love they find from their owners.

What is the parent breed of a teacup Chiweenie dog?

The parent breed of a teacup Chiweenie is when chihuahuas mix and dachshund mix breed together the result is a teacup chi weenie.

Teacup Chiweenie puppies sell up to $400

You can find teacup Chiweenie puppies for sale up to $400 easily from online websites.

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Buying guide:

  • Make sure that it has no health issues.
  • You can find a good Chiweenie puppy as low as $380.
  • Make sure that the Chiweenie puppy you want to buy is potty trained otherwise if you are new to training a dog it would be hard for you to train Chiweenie puppies for potty training.
  • Contact the seller and see the dog that doesn’t have any physical disability or you buy it before knowing these steps get you in trouble.

Here are the list of 5 best websites where you can find the best teacup Chiweeniee puppies:

  1. https://teacuppuppies.su/
  2. https://www.couponxoo.com/
  3. https://www.chihuahuapuppiesforsale1.com/
  4. https://www.americanlisted.com/
  5. https://dreamchihuahuapups.homesteadcloud.com/