Is a Dachshund a good family dog?

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Before buying a dachshund dog. You are wondering if the answer is that the dachshund is

a good family dog. Here you can find the answer to your particular question.

Yes, dachshunds are a good family dog breed; they are usually loyal and perform as guard dogs. They are extremely good with kids if you train them to play with kids. These are breeds usually used for hunting purposes.


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The Dachshund was created in Germany where it is known as the badger dog,

Dachs means rabbit and hund which means dog. Images of dogs such as the

Dachshunds date to the 15th century, and 16th-century texts refer to the “earth dog,

“badger creeper,” and “dashes.” Badger was not the only victim of Dachshund. It was also

used for pet animals such as foxes, and packs of Dachshunds following wild boars.

Those early Dachshunds varied greatly in size. Dogs used for betting and pigs weighing

100 to 35 pounds [30 to 35 kg]. Dachshunds are used to hunt foxes and deer weighing 40

to 22 pounds [16 to 22 kg], while 12-pound [12 kg] small dachshunds hunt rabbits and poles.

Shortly after the turn of the 20th century, 5-pound dachshunds were used to bind cottontail



Known as the Teckel in Germany, this species was cultivated for many years in the forests

of Germany in the 18th and 19th centuries. They wanted to build a brave, tall dog that could

dig into the burrows’ holes, and then dig into the holes to fight the rabbit until it died if needed.

Smooth was a real genre, created with crosses and Braque, a small French-pointing genre,

and Pinscher, a small terrier-type ratter. The French Basset Hounds may also have been

involved in the development of the Dachshund. Long-tied dachshunds are probably created

with crosses of various Spanish and wire hairs using crosses with terriers.


Carefully recorded during breeding years, today Dachshund is the only known species of AKC

that hunts above and below the ground. Their short, strong legs enable the Dachshund to

penetrate deep into the tunnel to chase their prey. Their long, strong tails, running straight

from the spine, gave the hunters a “handle” to pull the Dachshund out of the hole. The

unusually large and paddle-shaped Dachshund paws were ready for digging properly.

The loose skin of the Smooth Dachshund would not be torn as the dog plunged into hard

holes. Their deep, powerful lungs gave them the ability to hunt, and their long snout made

them an attractively fragrant animals. Even their deep, very noisy bark had a reason – so the

hunter found his dog after it went into the hole.


In the 1800s, Dachshunds began to be bred as pets, especially in Great Britain. They were

favorites in royal courts throughout Europe, including Queen Victoria, who was particularly

fond of this genre. As a result of this practice, their size was gradually reduced by about 40

pounds [10 kg]. Eventually, an even smaller version – a smaller dachshund – was enlarged.


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Dachshunds may be small (11 pounds and less as adults) or normal (usually between 16 and

32 pounds as an adult). If your Dachshund weighs between 11 and 16 pounds, it is called a tweenie. Some countries have wide variations in size.


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Dachshunds are a high-energy dog breed usually used for hunting. They need 2 hours of

exercise daily consistently for maintaining their energy levels high and be physically fit.

If you want to buy a dachshund for your family you must look for a dachshund puppy aged

between 9 weeks to 4 months. At that age, it is easy to give them proper training and



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Dachshunds are not that hard to train, they are more like other dogs. Younger dachshunds

puppies are easy to train. Train them with a few commands and repeat those commands

constantly to make it easy to train them.

Properly socialize them when you want this dog breed for your family. Leave the kids with the

dog whenever you are around them. Take them outside for a walk or take them to a park where

they run around and make dog friends and connect with new people.

How much does a dachshund puppy cost?

A Dachshund puppy will cost somewhere between $400 to $900 depending on where you buy

it from. However, dachshunds are a popular dog breed and at this price range, it is worth it to

buy it for your family.

Are Dachshunds usually aggressive?

The Dachshund is a naturally dominated breed, but if you buy it at a younger age their

aggression will be controlled by training them and giving them proper socialization.

Are dachshunds intelligent?

Yes, dachshunds are intelligent dog breeds and have very calm, patient, and consistent

behavior which helps a lot during their training. Because this is a breed for hunting and

they can show some behavior that is related to that.

Are dachshunds high maintenance?

Dachshunds are extremely easy to take care of just because of their short hair they just need

a normal shower. Basically, this is the breed used for hunting.


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Here in this article, we know that a dachshund is a good family dog. They are loyal to kids and

families and also perform as guard dogs. You can find a good and healthy dachshund

somewhere around $400 to $900 depending on where you buy it from. Considering their

training they are much more like other dogs but if you buy a dachshund puppy at the age of

9 weeks to 4 months it will be easy to train them. Train them with a few commands and repeat

those commands consistently to make it easy to train your dog. After training, rewarding them

will make such a good bond between you and your dog.


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Buying guide

  • Keep in mind before you buy a dachshund dog, buy them at an early age for around
  • 9 weeks to 4 months.
  • A good and healthy dachshund puppy will cost you somewhere between $400 to $900.
  • Consult the doctor about the dog you want to buy.