Are pugs good family dogs?

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If you want to know if it is a good family dog or not then you are at the right place. Here you can find your answer and help you before buying a pug for home.

Yes, pugs are good family dogs and have very playful and loyal behavior with kids and family. Buying A pug is a great choice for your family. Pugs are smart, observant, and quick learners.


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Pugs are an ancient species — perhaps the oldest dog, in fact — native to China. Going back nearly 2,000 years, playful dogs with flat faces or short noses like pugs were popular with Chinese emperors and lived luxurious lives as a result, reports the AKC. They were given only to those outside the Far East as gifts. But in the 1500s and early 1600s, Dutch traders came to Europe with this type and because of the popularity of the royal families, they quickly gained popularity throughout Europe.

Their long history reveals a number of different genres that include lo-sze (Chinese), mops (Finnish), dogpile (Spanish), and homophones (Dutch), among others. The word pug is said to be derived from the Latin word “fungus” – meaning “fist” – to indicate that the pug’s face looks like a bound fist, writes AKC.

Pugs were also very popular during the Victorian era, depicted on cardboard, in drawings, and as pictures. For many years they lived as pets for officials. Queen Victoria had many pugs and gave birth to them, and Marie Antoinette had a pug called Mops. They were limited as a species in the early 1800s. After taking over the Chinese Imperial Palace in 1860, the English acquired several pugs and began breeding in England to develop the breed.

It was not until after the Civil War that pugs arrived in the United States. The American Kennel Club recognized the genre in 1885.


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Pugs are extremely easy to train just because of their obedience and high energy levels. you can train them with just a few commands and repeat them again and again like “sit”, “come here” etc. If you buy a fairly trained dog it is easy to train them without any frustration.

Keep your pug focused. Pugs are meant to be fun but can be interrupted for a short time of attention. To keep your pug focused, teach him the ‘focus’ command. Put your finger on his nose, say ‘focus,’ and then place this finger on your nose. When your pug stays focused on your finger in your nose, give him immediate help. Extend time looking at your finger before you reward him. Once a professional, use it whenever he or she interrupts during training sessions.

Due to the short attention span, keep your training sessions short (about 15 minutes or less) and repeat the lessons regularly.

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Train your pug to follow the basic instructions. When your pug learns basic instructions, it will have a good foundation for good behavior and learn more instructions. Basic instructions include sitting, sitting, coming, and heel. If his short attention span makes training difficult, consider enrolling him in a local dog-listening class.

Use a lot of good reinforcement (verbal praise, handling, more strokes) each time your pug follows the command correctly. If you are happy and hopeful, your pug will try to please you and behave well.

Avoid chewing immorality. Pugs love to chew. Teaching your pug to ‘leave’ will help him to avoid chewing gum (eg, furniture, shoes). The ‘drop’ command would lead her to dispose of anything in her mouth, especially if it was something she should not chew.


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At least Pugs should have at least 20 minutes of exercise every day. This should be moderate to moderate cardio that slowly increases heart rate and keeps Pug’s body moving. This can be greatly extended to healthy and energetic Pugs to stay active. As safety precautions are in place, the Pug can walk for an hour or more and may have 3 to 4 exercise sessions a day.

Exercise regularity and period can be adjusted as needed.

Weather conditions including hot summer days or cold winter days can affect Pug’s tolerance for outdoor activity. It may be helpful to divide exercise sessions into shorter intervals, for example, four 15-minute walks as opposed to two 30-minute walks.

Also, as the Pug shifts into advanced age or if there is an increase in hip or joint problems, exercise may need to be reduced. In many cases, there is no valid reason to stop using Pug altogether as staying active often leads to many health problems.

What Kind of Exercise is best for Pug

There are two main types of exercise suitable for Pugs.

1) Travel. Walking is a common way to make sure the dog meets its exercise needs and has good reasons. There are always Points A and Points B that gives you both a goal and that help ensure the right amount of time. And, unlike free running, fitness can be adjusted by you, as you see fit.

2) Organised cardio. This is another great way to keep Pug running. This refers to a controlled period of physical activity, usually with small shifting periods of cardio and rest. The classic download game falls into this category and is a good choice as many dogs find it very fun and help to strengthen the bond of the owner’s dog. In addition, downloads can be played indoors and out, which makes this great no matter what the weather.

Are pugs easy to train?

Yes, pugs are easy-to-train dog breeds just because of their obedience and high energy levels. You can train them with just a few commands and repeat them again and again like “sit”, “come here” etc. If you buy a fairly trained dog it is easy to train them without any frustration.

What is the price of Pugs?

A healthy and good pug will cost you around $400 to $1200 but make sure to consult with a doctor for the dog you want to buy to make sure that the dog is healthy.

Do pugs shed the hair?

Yes, pugs shed, pugs shed the whole year and the shedding process is increased in spring and summer times. They shed their ticker winter coats.

Are pugs high maintenance?

Pugs are low-maintenance dog breeds. The pug will need a standard amount of grooming, and some of these routine activities may need to be done daily. This may sound like a lot of power but when you dive into these things and break them down into a simplified checklist, it becomes easier to control.


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Here in this article, we understand that pugs are good family dogs. They are good with kids and have high energy levels and they need a good amount of exercise to maintain their energy levels throughout the day. A good pug will cost you around $400 to $1200. Pugs are extremely easy to train just with a few commands like “sit”, “come here” etc. pugs are obedient and loyal towards their owners and it is a safe choice for the family to buy a pug.

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Buying guide:

  • A good and healthy pug costs you around $400 to $1200.
  • Consult the doctor for the dog you want to buy to make sure that the dog you want to buy is healthy.
  • A fairly trained dog makes it easy to train them without any frustration.