Are Beagles good with kids?

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You want to buy a beagle for your family but you want to know if it is good for kids or not.

Here you will find your answer.

Yes, beagles are extremely good with kids and families, in fact, beagles are more loyal toward people than other dog breeds. Your beagle should be socialized and overseen especially when they are around very young children.

Tips to properly socialize your beagle

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Beagles need to be properly socialized just like other dog breeds. Never leave your very young children alone with a beagle. It may get aggressive and become dangerous for your child so oversee especially when they are around very young children. 

Here are some points to keep in mind before you let your beagle meet the other dogs.


  • Make sure your beagle is well-trained. She will be so happy when she meets her friends that she may decide to disobey your orders to return to you. This is one of the dangers affecting Beagle’s socializing work.
  • If you intend to get together and make friends in the park, be sure to keep it away from the big dogs. Bears are small in size, but they are hunting dogs. They would enjoy arguing with other dogs.
  • The status of your beagle – like other dogs – attitude towards humans and other dogs will depend on many factors such as its experience as a puppy, bloodlines, and genes. So that can make the difference between a shy and nervous puppy or a happy, well-groomed puppy.
  • The Beagles should start this fun activity between 7 and 14 weeks. This is an excellent time to start learning about training sessions. They should get used to other dogs, children, and adults.
  • A beagle placed far away from any kind of company will be aggressive. So having fun at a club, on the beach, or in a park where you can meet kids, adults, and other dogs is great.
  • Remember that your beagle needs to learn the word “come on,” before you try any entertainment. Otherwise, she may decide to follow her new friend at home, especially if you have removed her from the lead. However, removing your beagle from the lead is not recommended, while training it or while “interacting with people”.


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Beagles should be visited at least 1 time per day. And twice as good. Travel should be moderate and fast.

Remember that a fast pace for you is probably the running speed of a little puppy.

Without enough work to release the closed power, the Beagle may perform abnormalities such as excessive restlessness, flexibility and even displaying harmful behavior.

The Old Beagles will be able to keep up with you. The middle-aged Beagle can run at speeds of up to 20 mph (32.2 km / h) while the average male can run at 8.5 (13.35 km / h) and the average female at 6.5 (10.46 km / h).


The walk should be at a speed where the Beagle is moving slowly; but not with exhaustion. You should walk your Beagle for at least 20 minutes, ideally 30, and some Beagle may need 40 minutes.

Cardio workouts should be shorter and a little stronger. This should be provided at least 1 time per week, 2 times fine. You can choose from a variety of ways to achieve this. Throwing a ball at your Beagle and running after him is always fun for a dog. This type of play is also a great opportunity to teach your Beagle command words, such as “Download” and “Return”.

Most Beagles like to just run. If you are taken to a park or an open area, this type of race will enjoy free running. However, keep your dog always under control and make sure that if you have ever removed the Beagle from harnesses or the safest harnesses to do so. Because they are pet dogs, they have a strong sense of smell and the off-leash can disappear quickly following the smell of a small animal.

The Beagle walks out

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Early Years

Walking outside the home yard and communicating in any public place should not begin until Beagle has found all the puppies of his puppy.

One thing to keep in mind is that this type does not fully develop the skeletal system until 18 months; therefore before that time, one should make sure that excessive exercise is not routinely performed.

This can be difficult because this type is very effective. This does not mean that the young Beagle should not work … however, it has been suggested that by the time he is 18, the limit has been set to about 1 mile. If your pup seems to need the release of pent-up energy, a second trip can be taken later in the day.

The idea would be to allow your little Beagle to exercise, walk, run, and play … without reaching the point of full effort, as that would put a lot of strain on the baby’s developing body during this critical time. The release of energy is good … panting, complete exhaustion, and pushing the limit by climbing mountains and running is not such a good idea until your Beagle body is better able to handle that kind of intense activity.

After 18 months, this type can be taken on foot or hiking all day. You can add play time outside of this and any other fun canine activity that comes your way! A very powerful and loving action, this type will enjoy almost any physical activity.

Is Beagle a friendly dog?

Yes, beagles are a friendly dog breed. If you spend more time with your beagle, treat them well and the result is that they pretend to show their loyalty towards you. They are also known as attention seeker dogs and they love those who pay more attention to them.

How do you know your Beagle is happy?

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Here are the 5 signs that your beagle is happy:

  • If your beagle stares directly into your eyes.
  • Your beagle wags their tail when you call them by its name.
  • They want to cuddle with you.
  • If they yawn when you do.
  • They want to be with you.