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Moreover, if impotence is organic in nature, patients should be advised to immediately undergo phaloprosthetics. Because according to statistics, most of the men who use penile prostheses first used drug therapy, vacuum therapy and intracavernous self-injections. The main reason why intracavernous phalloprosthetics is preferred by most patients faced with the problem of impotence is the naturalness of an erection, the absence of the need for painful injections and constant administration of drugs, and the minimum number of complications.

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Intracavernous phalloprosthetics was first successfully performed in 1936 by the Soviet professor Bogoraz; costal cartilage was used as a prosthesis. And already in the mid-70s, intracavernous phalloprosthetics began to be widely used to treat impotence. Today, prostheses have different principles of action and give complete freedom to lead a normal sex life. The reliability of the systems used for prosthetics and the quality of the technique made it possible to reduce the number of complications to 3.5-5%, and among patients using phalloprostheses to correct impotence, more than 80% give good recommendations for this technique.

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When papaverine and phentolamine were used for intracavernous drug therapy of impotence, priapism and cavernous fibrosis sometimes occurred as complications, which is extremely rare when using prostaglandin E1. The only drawback of this method of impotence therapy is the painfulness of the injections, therefore, after the injections of prostaglandin E1, 7.5% sodium bicarbonate is injected to relieve pain. Since this method of treating impotence with minimal interventions gives good results, non-injection methods of intracavernous administration of medicines are being developed.

Intracavernous drug therapy is a relatively new treatment for impotence. For the first time, papaverine was administered intracavernously to improve erectile function (1982), then phentolamine, prostaglandin E1 and other drugs began to be used. Minimal side effects, high efficiency and ease of use are given by the drug prostaglandin E1; the use of this technique in 80% of cases allows a high-quality sex life without any restrictions.